Photo Gallery

1. The memories of the Taikai are captured in an unforgettable and beautifully made photo book, by the Taikai photographer Nils Noells, with photo contributions by Beate Proettel. You can order your copy here:

The entire book is available for viewing.

2. You can visit The Bujinkan Taikai Photo Gallery for photos from all three days of the event. Here you can view and purchase. At this time, the site is geared for those who would like to order in European photo sizes, cm, and pay in euro. A US sizing site is on the way. These photos are taken by Nils Noell. Please continue to check back for further updates.

We have 4 Galleries for Day 2 of the Taikai including the evening program. These photos are contributed by Beate Proettel.

Gallery Links

Kunoichi Taikai Gallery Morning - Day 2

Kunoichi Taikai Gallery Afternoon - Day 2

Kunoichi Taikai Gallery Photos Sessions for Group and Instructors

Kunoichi Taikai Gallery Photos for Evening Activities and Festivities