Holistic Training

Holistic Training for body, mind and spirit in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
by Sabine Froehlich

Kunoichi Taikai March 2013, Japan

Sensei Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi taught us basics in different Taijutsuforms and various weapons in the first years.

It was the principle, Obey (Shu) follow the rules exactly, than you will learn to do it right.

Then the time of Juppo Sessho came. The principle here is, Depart from the norm (Ha) in order to improve your work, adapt the rules, now you know what is important.

Sensei always spoke of naturalness. Nature has, in the Asian way of thinking a much broader significance. There is nothing which would be separate from nature. The man, his mind, and his consciousness are here, natural phenomena that follow the laws of nature. This also means that you cannot be happy or satisfied tied to external circumstances. Then it is possible to stay in the middle, to obtain and maintain the correct distance from things, so that oneself and the world stay in harmony.

Our partner exercises serve the development of the internal energy. We learn to understand the intentions of our counterpartners and respond to them before they (intentions) are applied. A refined practice is important here, that has to do a lot with feeling and ease and sometimes even playfulness.

You have to let the tension go and in any form be in a symbiotic state with Uke’s intentions. Do not give information about your intention.

We might practice these exercises in a friendly manner or an easy way, because they do not, like many others, aim to kill the enemy – he is only to be incapacitated, and this subtle method is a favorite and natural for women.

Here we have arrived at the principle of Leaving (Ri). Rules? What rules?
I know the values, I live the values and then make my own rules. We need a lot of experience and discipline to work on this principle further.

Sabine Froehlich