Invitation & Mission

Kunoichi Taikai 2016: you're invited!

In the interests of expanding the training opportunities for women in the Bujinkan, we are excited to announce that Kunoichi TaiKai 2016 is in planning to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Sept 23-25, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Berkeley Marina
200 Marina Blvd.
Berkeley, Ca 94710

Mission Statement:
A successful Kunoichi TaiKai 2010 in Germany united and empowered women internationally, and Kunoichi TaiKai 2013 in Japan hosted both men and women for Soke's teachings. Soke and several infamous women judgodans taught us and made clear there that there is an honored place for women in the Bujinkan.

With Sheila's blessing, we would like to host an event in the United States where only women teach and both men and women are welcome to attend. Over a dozen female jugodans and judans from several countries have already agreed to come to San Francisco as instructors, including your favorites. We are so excited to provide a space to learn from the women of the Bujinkan who exemplify the balance and unity between the seemingly opposite masculine and feminine feelings in taijutsu.

I've heard a lot of conversations at both Kunoichi Tai Kais, and before and after, about the difference between men and women and how we train. There are valid differences which should be respected and understood, however at this time in the growth of the Bujinkan, I feel it's more important to understand how we all can learn from women in the Bujinkan. Our warriorship, regardless of if we are men or women, requires us be both hard and soft, tough and sensitive, kind and deadly.

The goal of Kunoichi Tai Kai 2016 is to create a balanced self and a united Bujinkan. We all need both daken and ju taijutsu, warrior and protector energies, tough and sensitive perception and projection, and in and yo consciousness. If we can find a balance, remove the duality of the sexes, and be able to easily alternate between them, this will enhance our understanding and expression of Bujinkan.

We would like to extend the invitation to all genders to attend and experience training which respects and honors the male and female in all of us. Please share this invitation with your training partners, students and teachers, and register now! Discounted prices are available online for all registrations that occur before Sept 26, 2015!

Thank you,
--Rebecca Kidder, San Francisco Kunoichi

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